Becky London Fleming: Writings and Interviews

"Memories of my Father." Pacific Historian, 18 (Fall, 1974): 5-10.
"Some Memories of Daddy," Jack London Echoes, 1981.
"Jack London Had Two Daughters." Jack London Foundation Newsletter 2 (October 1990): 1-4.
"Becky London: The Quiet Survivor Talks About Her Father." Interview with Lailee van Dillen, The Californians 9 (January-February 1992): 34-39.

The Jack London Foundation Research Center also has unpublished notes that are in Becky's first person, but appear to be taken during interviews with an unidentified "M.". Sections are titled "Becky and Aunt Jennie," "Becky's Life," "Becky's Sister," "The Window Incident," and "Becky London's Father."

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