Jack London Newsletter Index and Guide

Compiled by Jo Anne Sharpe

Copyright © 1996 by Jo Anne Sharpe

In 1996 Jo Anne Sharpe compiled and published the Jack London Newsletter Index with Guide to the Index. The Newsletter was the primary source of scholarly papers on Jack London and related topics from 1967 to 1988. Unfortunately, it did not have a wide distribution to individuals or libraries. As a consequence, a number of significant essays and reviews have gone unread and unused.

Sharpe kindly approved placement of her important effort on our web site. Consequently, researchers and others can now find potential reference material for their work. In most cases, they will have to use Inter-library loan offices to obtain copies of the papers. At least now they will have the full citations so necessary to such requests.

Sharpe's dedication reads:


Hensley C. Woodbridge

Friend, Gentleman, Scholar

Editor/Publisher of the Jack London Newsletter


* Introduction by Hensley C. Woodbridge
Woodbridge created and edited the Jack London Newsletter throughout its run. Here he reviews its development and significance.
* Index to the Jack London Newsletter
This is an alphabetical listing of issue contents by both title and author.
* Guide to the Jack London Newsletter
An alphabetical listing by topic and authors, similar to a book index. Numbers point to article identification numbers in the Index proper, not page numbers.

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