Family and Friends

© 2006 by Clarice Stasz, Ph.d.

* Flora Wellman a reverse Cinderella story: daughter from a wealthy Ohio family ended up living in a working class Oakland, California neighborhood. Well-educated and determined, she was a strong force behind her son's earliest writing successes.
* William Chaney was most likely London's biological father. His life was filled with intellectual, political, and marital adventure. American astrology owes much to his efforts.
* John London, Jack's beloved stepfather was a masterful story teller, and taught him to sail and dream of adventure.
* Virginia "Jenny" Prentiss, Jack's foster mother. This ex-slave was a key emotional support during his formative years.
* Eliza London Shepard, Jack's step-sister, devoted to him throughout his life, and essential business partner.
* Elizabeth "Bess" Maddern London, Jack's first wife and mother of his two children. Their unhappy marriage seemed predictable from the start.
* Charmian Kittredge London, Jack's second wife and "Mate Woman," who accompanied his many travel adventures, ensured his worldwide fame, and achieved recognition for her own writings
* Joan London, Jack's older daughter shared his passion for political causes and writing.
* Becky London Fleming, Jack's younger daughter reached old age before she spoke and wrote about her beloved father.

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