Students: Homework Help

So your teacher has asked you to write a research paper? Here are homework help links in other places on the web that can help you write about Jack London.

After using these, if you are still confused:

Please do not write us to ask for help, because your teacher is your guide. But do let us know if you find other links that can help other students, or what else you'd like to see in these pages. THANKS!

Try These Links As Well

* Jack London International
A major supplement to this site. It includes essays, and exceptional timeline, photographs, and more. Available in German and English.
* Wikipedia Jack London
Here's a sophisticated and well-researched entry from the Wikipedia.

Writing Guides

* How to Write An Essay
Research, take notes, organize, write, edit. Here's a guide that guarantees success.
* How to Write a Good Essay
A Youtube good for both writing essays and especially for tests that require essays. A professor from Hogwarts.
* How to Write An Effective Essay
Youtube with JamesESL. He has many useful videos on writing if you like his style.

Special Help

* Philosophy
What is "Social Darwinism"? Who was Herbert Spencer? Learn about some ideas that were common during Jack London's time, and their influence upon him.
* Glossary
What is an "archetype"? What do critics mean when they refer to "irony"? What did London mean when he called himself a "materialist monist"? Here are definitions of some unusual words used by London in his writings, and by critics when discussing his works.
* Science Fiction
If you enjoy Science Fiction, here is a guide to many of Jack London's writings in that genre. One of these could be the good basis for a paper or a book report.