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* Biographies of Jack London by Dr. Clarice Stasz.
A critical overview of the myriad Jack London biographies published since the author's death.
* Jack London Journal: Contents
The Tables of Contents of the seven volumes of this key journal, which incorporates articles about London and writers of his day, first-time publication of significant manuscripts, book reviews, and bibliographies.
* Jack London Newsletter Index and Guide
This compilation of the Jack London Newsletter contents by Jo Anne Sharpe provides two keys, one to an alphabetical listing of contents, the other a cross-reference to this listing by author and topic. An introduction by newsletter founder and editor Hensley C. Woodbridge is also included.
* Jack London's Works by Date of Composition by Dr.James Williams.
This chronological listing pinpoints, as much as it is possible, the dates of composition for all of Jack London's writings, both fiction and non-fiction. A source bibliography is included.
* Literary Criticism: Bibliographies, Monographs, and Collections by Dr. Clarice Stasz.
Literary criticism of Jack London has proliferated since the 1970s. Available bibliographic guides do not cover much of this more recent work. This listing of books, monographs, and special issues of scholarly journals below fills part of that gap.

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