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Biographies of Jack London and His Family

John "Jack" Griffith London 
Why is there so much confusion about London's life? Find out why, along with an extensive bibliography of biographies.

Flora Wellman (Chaney) London 
London's mother was from a well-to-do Ohio family, but moved West, where she became involved in women's rights, African-American rights, and more.

William Chaney 
Chaney is considered the biological father of London. He deserted Flora when she became pregnant.

John London 
Flora Wellman married John London after the birth of her son John. Until adulthood, he believed the man was his father.

Virginia Prentiss 
This ex-slave was essentially a second mother to London, and he responded in turn.

Elizabeth "Bess" Maddern 
Bess was London's first wife and mother of his two children. They were good friends before they married.

Joan London 
Joan most resembled her father in becoming politically active on behalf of the working class.

Bess "Becky" London Fleming 
Unlike her sister, Becky did not publicly associate herself with her father until late in life.

Charmian Kittredge London 
London's second wife became a writer and celebrity in her own right. Explore how here.

Eliza London Shepard 
London's older stepsister was a key figure in his life, and became his ranch manager.